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Pane is over 70% of window surface

Pane takes on itself whole weight of thermal and acoustical insulation.
Thanks to application of appropriate thermal features of pane you will save now very expensive energy and you will protect environment.

Complex pane, two panel pane separated by aluminum sash and seal with sealing compound. Between surface pane is filled with dry air, angor or other gas. It is a main insulation factor in complex pane. Now except insulation air factory or other gas we use also other solution allowing to produce the warmest windows. The most popular way is application of low-emission pain.

OKO-PLAST standard glazing package consists of 4 mm float glass, 16 mm spacer and 4 mm termofloat glass whereas the space between glasses is filled with gas- argon, which helps to achieve appropriate thermal insulation value. Standard glazing packageincreased heat infiltration properties and its thermal insulation value amounts for U=1,0 according to norm EN-674. Moreover, OKO-PLAST creates the possibility to choose an appropriate glazing package fully individually, in such a way that it poses even much better protection against burglary, noise as well as excessive insulation.

Heat transfer coefficient is a coefficient saying about warmth insulation of proper product. It allows to definite, what part of heath is getting out by barrier. When coefficient is lower, then insulation coefficients are better.

In Oko-Plast windows there are possibilities to choose different kinds of pane. It depends of needs and financial possibilities we can install pains of different destiny, technical parameter satisfy requirements of the most demanding customers.

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tel/fax (+48 32) 613 75 61, 613 75 82