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Projekt E4

European innovations for SMEs

After joining the European Union Polish firms got the chance to participate to EU`s projects realized by research centers. Foreign institutes to know needs of producers from Central and Eastern Europe initiate programs ,which can make eastern producers able to compete with Western enterprises. Introducing Western production measures and management is helpful for process of development of Eastern firms. Everyone who thinks that these ideas are only directed to huge, well- organized enterprises is wrong. New venture of CRF( Centro Ricerche Fiat) from Italy is creating E4 platform( Entended Enterprises Management in Enlarged Europe).This platform was formed to know needs of SMEs from Enlarged Europe which makes possible using new, checked in Western countries technologies. There are 12 members which participate to E4 platform : research institutes and small and medium enterprises from Poland, Bulgaria and Slovenia. CRF( Italy) is the originator and organizator of the project. Universities from Sophia, Bremm and Lubljana conduct researches of specific of market in Central and Eastern Europe countries. Firms busy with advanced technologies like TXT(Italy), BIBA and COGNOVIS( Germany) and Chambers of Commerce from Ukraine and Poland also participate to the project.
E4 in Poland
Representatives of Polish side of the project are IOS from Cracow and OKO-PLAST Bolęcin. OKO-PLAST is a producer of PCV doors and windows and is busy with projecting and realization of winter gardens. Participation of producer from this trade can be helpful to create not only the model of PCV doors and windows production but also to make technology to coordinate the process from order to installment. Choosing building trade was not accidental because this one is the most susceptible to innovations. OKO-PLAST works mainly in Małopolska but also has partners abroad , in Czech Republic and Austria. This fact makes possible comparing standard and customers` requirements from different regions. OKO-PLAST, as one of three SMEs in E4 platform, is a "pilot" i.e. " end user". The role of the "end-user" is describing his requirements and specific of organization in his firm which makes possible creating suitable program of dissemination and management. Following activities are not the end of the role of "pilot". It also are going to test and give opinion for the sake of efficiency of the model and its place on the Polish market.
E4 aims

The aim of forming E4 platform is supporting activities of small and medium enterprises by equipping them with universal model of company management which improve development and quality of final product. This model has to be suitable regardless of trade and geographical location. In this way union centers are going to make universal model for supporting enterprises from Central and Eastern Europe, which later will be tested by mentioned three "pilots". This model is going to be comprehensive and coordinate product from order, through planning, management and cooperating with suppliers , production to sale. E4 project is directed to various branches and it takes into consideration the level of knowledge and technology advance in various type of small and medium enterprises. Mentioned institutes and firms busy with advanced technologies after analyze market requirements will prepare the model of supporting SMEs in Enlarged Europe. Meetings with local producers also take place to specify the needs of polish enterprises.
E4 project began in Jan 2006 and will finish in June 2008

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