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Our factory:
Chrzanów - Bolęcin
ul. Fabryczna 473
tel/fax (+48 32) 613 75 61, 613 75 82



Company OKO-PLAST situated in Bolęcin, exists on market since 1994. we deal with production, sale and installment of windows and doors from PCV, implementation and delivery of line and singular machines for window production. Our exchange is complex, professional advise for our customers. Profiles for window production are delivered by SALAMANDER company and other German suppliers what is, without any doubts, effects our quality of product. For production we use only high quality materials from best suppliers whole production process is under factory quality inspection. Till the end of production each window is detaily checked.

Our company deals also with non-typical orders. We do it: quick, cheep and solidly. Windows and doors executed by Oko-Plast from the point of view of esthetics and technically-reliability values can be used in renovation of old and antique apartment-houses. Closed construction from steel reinforcement guarantees not only fairest stability and longevity, but also protection before ineligible entrance.

OKO-PLAST assures:

We would also like to say thanks to all our customers for buying windows in our company. We are certain that due to your confidence for our product we can develop and perfect ourselves. However to all of you who stand before decision for which windows decide - we advise our products sincerely. Diversity of windows through capabilities of compositions of forms expressing, colours, window pane kinds in our windows we are able to alleviate each tastes. Everything what we offer is on bargain level of product.