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Our factory:
Chrzanów - Bolęcin
ul. Fabryczna 473
tel/fax (+48 32) 613 75 61, 613 75 82


Produkty firmy OKO-PLAST:

Doors, fronts and "winter gardens"

OKO-PLASTis busy with production of doors, fronts and "winter gardens" agreed to customers' requirements.

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New and second-hand machines

We also trade (buy and sell) machines for PCV and AL production. We are only distributor of them for Poland

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PCV and AL windows which production is based on the highest technologies are the main product of OKO-PLAST

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OKO-PLAST is busy with production, sale and installment of windows and doors but it is not only our activity. OKO-PLAST also trades and provides new producers with unit ones or sets of machines necessary to start windows production.

OKO-PLAST insures:

We are opened for co-operation with everybody who is interested in mutual realization of economical aims.

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