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Guaranteed quality.


1. General rules

Duties of producer and customer's rights were established agreed to Government Decree no.328 dated on 30th May 1995 (Dz.U. nr 6) and Civil Code.

1.1. A user should cooperate with producer by immediate notification about noticed defect.
1.2. The producer assures execution of all necessary guarantee repairs.
1.3. All repairs are taken only on the basis of guarantee card.

2. The period of warranty

There is given user a 5- years' warranty from the day of buying. The producer is responsible for warranty only to the price of goods, which customer bought.

3. Range of warranty

3.1 The warranty includes faults caused by material or factory defects which will be removed by producer by repair or exchange the broken window for new one. The decision which way is better belongs to the producer. Warranty repairs are free of payment.
3.2 In the case of unjustified complaint the person responsible for all costs which the producer took for clearing this situation is the customer. If the producer reject the complaint, he can ( after customer's assent) ask building experts for help and their opinion is binding for both sides. The costs connected with experts' activities belong to the side whose stance is not legitimate.

4. Exceptions of warranty

The warranty does not include:

5. Duties of customer

Customer is obliged to:

6. Lost of warranty

The customer loses the warranty because of :

7. The term of realization the warranty

7.1. The deadline for beginning warranty's repairs is 14 days after customer's complaint.
7.2. The term of realization can be longer if the producer inform the customer about obstacle and fix the new one.

For more information about warranty call :
tel/fax (+48 32) 613 75 61, 613 75 82